Circular LDPE

Circular LDPE

Daly Plastics – Circular LDPE

More than 30 years ago, Peter Daalder founded Daly Plastics BV in Zutphen, Netherlands, which specialised in plastic waste collection and processing. Over the years, Peter Daalder has entered the plastics recycling business with his own recovery facility for agricultural and packaging films. Approximately 64,000 metric tons of used film arrive for processing each year, the majority of which is recycled as reusable polyethylene recyclate (regranulate). The subsidiary Caroda Polymer Recovery now operates four MAS GmbH granulation lines at the Zutphen site, which makes Daly Plastics one of the largest plastics waste processing companies in the Netherlands today. 

Daly Plastics exceeds among other recycling sites, since it relies on Lindner’s technological expertise for film shredding. Lindner Recyclingtech is one the biggest companies manufacturing shredders of high precision and performance, based in Austria, ensuring standard quality. Jupiter and Micromat shredders produce the perfect output for subsequent automatic NIR sorting, where sensors can optimally distinguish LDPE from PE and PP plastic types and separate it from the material stream. State of the art processing of the recyclates, which includes fine shredding, dry cleaning using drum screens and laser filtering ensure the stable quality of the regranulates, which have the same properties as virgin material. 

The company has also received all the necessary certifications that ensures the quality of the recycling process and materials, which is always the main priority of the company, like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Caroda BV is a member of the Plastics Recyclers Europe and has met the required standards for certification under the EuCertPlast Scheme for European Plastics Recyclers. Therefore, customers that include Caroda’s recyclates into their manufacturing process, can get the Blue Angel eco-label for their products. One of the most known material of Daly Plastics is the so-called Circular LDPE, which meet with all the above criteria and ensures high and stable quality. 

Recycled low-density polyethylene from Daly Plastics-Caroda Recovery state-of-the-art recycling site..
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